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Originally Posted by BlackVVaves
A friend of mine with moderate connections in the basketball world just tol me that it was reported that Lebron rejected his deal...and that the Bobcats have offered Felton, Wallace, Sean May, 2 first round picks, and cash considerations. Don't know how credible this source is, but he HAS been on point for a few rumors, recently telling me that Peja was leaving for the Hornets, and TT was going to ditch the Suns for a big deal from the Clippers. Don't know what to think about this
What's your source, this is bull**** man, no way he'd refuse an extention in his hometown, let alone to be traded to the worst team in the league, get your life together man, if you want to post such a bogus rumor, atleast have a source to back it up.
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