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Default Re: Walkthough Suggestions?

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
Uncharted has a bunch of nice elements that you can do in a walkthrough. There are multiple strategies for different areas. Different gun usages that can alter your approach.

In addition there are all the treasures you can find (I ended up cheating using a guide for the last couple).

And then on top of that it's got some of the most accessible trophy hunting achievements. Good stuff to point out in a walkthrough, because most of it's very doable, it just needs to be stumbled upon or recognized.

Unless you're playing Drake Fortune on crushing. This game is ridiculous; AI can shoot at you from a far distance and still have perfect precision. Not to mention you get killed after two shots. It's pretty intense and is far more challenging then U2 & U3. Being equipped with the right weapons is essential.

Have you beaten all 3 games on crushing?
I've beaten U3 on hard and crushing but I'll definitely have to beat a couple more times before I record the walk-though.

My best play-through were:
Uncharted 1: 8 deaths (probably half of them were from Chapters 4, 13 & 20)
Uncharted 2: 4 deaths (only 1 from actual gun-fire, 1 from a grenade & 2 from platforming)
Uncharted 3: 26 deaths

All on crushing, U3 is obviously the weakest of the three.
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