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Default Re: Getting Game Back Up To Par & Regaining Confidence/Swagger

Thanks for the advice guys. I made my mistake when I hopped into a full court game with high level talent(d1, d2 players) smh. Very surprisingly my defense seemed just as good if not better than it once was. My handles weren't as loose as I thought it would be and my shot was ehh as in ill make a lot of shots before the game but couldn't get them to fall during the game.

I also found that I lost my reactiveness, I could barely even catch the dam ball, or finish at the basket like i used to.

So basically you said it right, regaining the feel for the ball is SO important. I feel that once im strong and comfortable handling the ball that everything else falls in place.

Also the hands, and hand strength I found are so underrated in basketball. When you have strong hands there is so much you can do, dribble, rebound, defense, and shooting. I find that whenever my hands feel weak and tense that my game suffers. Im going to invest in some hand grips.
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