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Default Re: Euroleague points per game leaders

I've never preferred the Euroleague to the NBA, but this whole "this scrub Spanoulis did this and that in the Euroleague and did nothing in the NBA" has got boring, even for trolling standards against some person. It can be easily pointed out that players with much better NBA careers/numbers fail to post better or even equal numbers in the Euroleague. If Spanoulis averaging 20 ppg on 60% FG is a sign of Euroleague's weakness, what is Vujacic averaging 13 ppg on 38%? The more athletic Jordan Farmar averaging 14 ppg on 50%? Of course, every good troll will convincingly ignore all this or, at best, will post more examples of NBA scrubs that post good Euroleague numbers, as if this will nullify what I've already posted.
Matter of fact is, nobody should judge a player's value based on what he did in his rookie season, especially if he's an international player, playing for a good team and under a coach who has never been known for his cooperative spirit towards rookies and internationals. Hell, a much better team, the Spurs, allegedly asked Spanoulis to play for them and offered him a better role than the Rockets. How is this for a "scrub"?
Freakin' Steve Nash, among the GOAT shooters and passers, averaged a meager 3/1/2 in his rookie season (on mediocre FG%'s as well). Another GOAT level shooter, Stojakovic? 8/3/2, on 38% FG. The GOAT European? 8/3/1. And no, it's not that important that Spanoulis was 1-3 years older than them. If Dirk develops in Germany and goes to the NBA at the age of 27-28, he won't suddenly drop 25/9, lead his team to a 67-15 record and win the MVP as a rookie, not even close. Same for the others.
What these guys definitely had over Spanoulis was they were mentally stronger and more determined to succeed in the NBA. Spanoulis preferred to stay back in Europe. I'll hold his lack of determination against him, but not his supposed lack of talent, because he has plenty, and no scrub rookie season in the NBA will tell me otherwise.
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