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Default Re: Euroleague points per game leaders

Originally Posted by Psileas
Are you serious now? Since when is the NBA putting that much emphasis on coaching, team play and basketball IQ? Because, last time I checked, guys like Iverson who shoot at 40-42% from the field and yet still have the nerve to take 25 shots per game only thrive in the NBA. Vujacic is taking less than half as many shots in Europe and is considered a chucker.
Since when are good Europeans NOT known for their basketball IQ? And how did you notice the basketball IQ of a player you rarely, if ever, got to see play in the NBA?
Skill? As I posted before, a guy that averages 20 ppg on 60% FG (and lots of assists, as well) in the 2nd best league in the world can't be unskilled, and supposedly more talented players than him that fail to do so have no excuse, in case you bring up the "it doesn't matter what you do in a much weaker league" excuse.

There have been plenty of players in the NBA who played at a very high level despite a lack of athletic ability. Especially at the point guard spot. Players significantly less athletic than Spanoulis have thrived in the NBA.

If he had the skill and IQ, he could have used that to his advantage. High IQ players are always an asset to a team. The rest of the league "doesn't emphasize" this? Great! That only means there is more opportunity to take advantage of that.
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