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Default Re: Tebow bandwagon starting up in week 7

How about the insane cultural phenomenon he has become?

Denver's overtime win over the Pittsburgh on CBS Sunday drew a whopping 25.9 overnight -- up 36% from last year's comparable coverage

No clue what any of that means but I assume it's pretty considerable.
Twitter announced today that Tebow is the new champion for inspiring the most tweets per second.

Twitter said Tebow-related tweets peaked at 9,420 per second after his 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play of overtime gave Denver a playoff victory against Pittsburgh.

The previous record was held by Beyonce, at 8,868 tweets per second, when she announced on the MTV Music Awards that she was pregnant.

Previous sports-related record was 7,196, after Japan's soccer team defeated the USA in the Women's World Cup.

He shattered the "sports related tweets per second" record and generated close to 600 more tweets than the Beyonce record.

On a side note, why in the hell was Beyonce announcing her pregnancy such a big deal that everyone and their dog (apparently) was tweeting about it?

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