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Default Re: I just can imagine playing streetball in USA awesome...

I've never played in a Rucker or Venice (or even a St. Cecilia's). I'm sure those courts are a lot of what you'd imagine they'd be.

Otherwise, courts are not like that in every city in America. Each region tends to have a hotspot but normal sized cities aren't just bursting with waiting basketball players at every court.

Looking back on your post, I can't tell if you're just joking around or not with your comments about great players crowding every court all the time, unless you were just referring to places like Rucker. I consider it a successful summer at my court if we can get a game of 5-on-5 on 80% of the days. That 5-on-5 will often be a mish-mash of abilities, stemming from very low to high amateur. I live in a pretty small-sized city.

It is unfortunate if you can never find a court that's running 5-on-5 in your area. I'm thankful for my opportunity, even if the competition is not always as strong throughout as I wish it was. I'm not an NBA-level player or anything though so I'm mostly cool with competing against whoever's available. It's just tough to beat a summer day of riding my bike to the courts and playing basketball.
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