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Default Just suffered a Shoulder Subluxation

About 2 years ago I fully dislocated my shoulder and opted not to have surgery. I ended up doing physio and after about 6 months I was back on the court but ever since I felt the weakness in my shoulder, so I had to adjust my game to basically jumpshots. Just started getting comfortable attacking the rim a few months ago and just today I take a bad hit and my shoulder came out of the socket for a quick second and snapped back in (shoulder subluxation). Now I didn't go to the hospital or anything but I still feel the pain and weakness, obviously I damaged some tendons/ligaments or something (so I think).

Should I wait it out a few days and see how it feels, or should I see a doctor (walk-in clinic) or just go straight to a hospital?

Obviously they're gonna take x-rays but the bone seems to be in place. What do they do to check ligament damage? Some Ultra sound type shit?

Thanks in advance...
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