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Default Re: Getting Game Back Up To Par & Regaining Confidence/Swagger

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I spent the past two weeks resting a stretched arch in my foot. As a result, tonight was the first time I've played ball in 15 days and just to reiterate what you mentioned, it sucks to play after not playing that long. Even with the warmups I mentioned, there's still a certain feel that can only be regained through playing a lot again. I hate being out of game shape because it sucks so bad getting into shape. First, the ball felt huge in my hands, like I was dribbling a slippery balloon. Also, it was hard to coordinate some of my moves alongside my wind. Sometimes, there's only so much one can do to remain game ready without playing games.

EXACTLY.. The ball feels like it weighs a 100lbs and huge, also my moves are not smooth and I lose the ball trying to do simple crossovers. Its hard getting back into your mojo. I find that when I play at first and im winded and push myself past the fatigue then the next day I will be feeling alot more in shape.

One interesting thing is, once I didn't play basketball for a while (like 3 weeks) because of my job. But when I started playing again I played SOO well it was unbelievable. I played this way for about a whole week and then I started falling off. This has happened on a few occasions, but now when I dont play for some time I flat out suck. Wonder why...
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