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Default Re: Shooting basketball outside - harder?

Surely, there are a few more factors to account for when playing outside, namely, wind. Also, whereas indoors we can most often count on playing on an even court with rims set exactly at 10 feet, this is not always the same case outside. The rims in my little brother's neighborhood stand between 10'1'' and 10'2'', which makes a huge difference. The rims in my neighborhood feel a little less than 10 feet. This can all affect someone's jumper when they have not had the opportunity to acclimate themselves to the conditions.

Further, as you mentioned, many of the outdoor rims are not breakaway and they're in fact a lot tighter, meaning many shots grazing the rim will not be recipients of the "shooter's touch". My outdoor motto when people complain about the unforgivable bounces is "just don't hit the rim". Obviously, it's not that simple, but in a way it seems to perfect my shot (when wind is not a factor). Often when indoors, I'll count a shot that rattles home as a success, when really I'm playing a dangerous game relying on a fortunate bounce or two. When I concentrate on hitting no rim at all, my shot accuracy seems to step up. So really, I view outdoor shooting as a blessing in disguise.
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