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Default Re: Thoughts/Opinions on Trent Richardson?

Originally Posted by Carbine
Where do you think he ends up getting drafted?

Cincy seems like the most appropriate place, however it's highly unlikely he's there at 17 for the Bengals.

I don't think it's unlikely at all. As others have noted, the NFL doesn't value college RB the way they used to. So much of the pro game is based on catching the ball, blitz recognition and pass protection, things they haven't had to do in college. It's tough to tell who will be able to step in and help right away.

Ingram's a good example. The Saints got him at #28. For a good team that's a value spot. He's going to be a good RB, but not an every down back in that system. Bad teams have to focus on too many other needs, and RB is the deepest position in every draft. McCoy, Rice, Jones-drew all recent second rounders. Foster an undrafted FA.

Richardson's 5'11" and runs likely in the 4.5 range. They say he's a beast in the weight room. Looks like a solid pro, but he's not a game breaker and we've seen time and again how dicey it is projecting long term NFL success for college RB.
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