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Default Re: Dirk takes the blame like a good leader should

The Suns are 51-16 this year with Amare. Last year at the same point in time, they were 46-21 without him. A 5 game difference. Here is an honest question. Is Amare making that significant of an impact on the team success?

Yes. I think you'll really see his impact come playoff time. If you look at the areas where the Suns were destroyed last year in the playoffs, it was not having a legit big man down low. Diaw was nice yes, but not a guy you can't count on every night to get baskets. You forget at this point last season that the Suns were barely playing .500 ball with Diaw playing center. The Suns were streaking when it was Kurt and Boris down low, but when Kurt went down, the Suns were really exposed down low. Why do you think they had such trouble with the LA's in the playoff.

Don't get me wrong. Amare is obviously a greater talent than Diaw. But is it obvious that Amare's return has reduced Diaw's contributions? I remember Diaw in the playoffs last year picking people apart with his post game and jump hooks in the paint. Is it possible that when the game slows down a bit, the Suns miss that finesse?

Yes it has, but Diaw's role was to never be the first option down low. I think anyone who thought Diaw was going to score 14-16 ppg this season if Amare was successful in his return was a fool. Diaw still averages more assists than any other PF in the game. His problem is that he defers to Amare and others too much. He's at his best when he's aggressive on offense. When he is scoring, it makes him a lethal passer because team right now are only playing him for the pass. In the playoffs, I'd take my chances with Amare down low over Diaw anyday. This past week has been encouraging though. Boris hadn't been the same since his back injury a couple months back, and was really struggling when he returned, but he has been better as of late, and hopefully come playoff time he will be more comfortable playing next to Amare.

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