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Default Are the Rockets going to trade Terrence Williams?

Not long after he had been pushed out of the rotation Tuesday in Charlotte, Rockets forward Terrence Williams sent a tweet that seemed to point to his frustration with being benched.

He wrote that he needs to consider any misdeeds in his life that might be blamed for bad karma.

Asked about the tweet, Williams said he would concern himself with his performance.

“All you can do is smile,” he said. “You can’t control what others do. You can only control what you do. … Do my job like I’ve been doing. I’ve been great. I don’t know what’s going on."

Hes talented but hes going to end up out of the league at this pace of getting in his coach's doghouse.

Kiki Vandeweighe in New Jersey- Kiki played him sparingly until their season was nearly over because Williams & CDR were tweeting their mouths off on the teams struggles and them not being able to play to "win games".

Avery Johnson in New Jersey- Sent down to the D-League for his behavior/lack of effort and bitched about the move. Then New Jersey traded him instead of letting him re-join the team.

Rick Adelman in Houston- Ended up in Adelman's dohouse immediately and he didnt even see the floor outside of mop up duty last season in Houston.

Kevin McHale in Houston- Started the season claiming this was going to be a new leaf for him as a player, and within 10 games hes out of the rotation and whining about not playing over Budinger/Parsons.

Lakers would be a great fit for him.

If coaches can't get through to him then he needs someone who he'll respect like Kobe to take him under his wing and try to help him fix his ego. Try to help him understand he needs to let his ego make him prove everyone wrong with playing well instead of letting his ego get in the way of him focusing on the floor.
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