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Default Re: Are the Rockets going to trade Terrence Williams?

Originally Posted by StroShow4
The problem is that he needs the ball in his hands to be effective. I think he needs to play the point, but no one plays him there. He can't catch and shoot and he doesn't move without the ball, so if he's not handling the rock then there's no point in having him on the floor.

To his credit it looks like he spent this offseason improving when playing off the ball, and hes shot well from 3 so far this season. It could be a mirage or it could be an actual improvement to his game than what he looked like coming out of Louisville.

I've always thought he had potential to be a 20 PPG scorer as soon as he worked on his jumper, but something just isn't clicking for him when it comes to embracing what his coach wants for him. Seems like he expected to start from Day 1 and cant handle being a rotation player who has to beat out others for a starting job.
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