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Default Re: Are the Rockets going to trade Terrence Williams?

Speaking as a Nets fan, I was extremely excited to add Terrence. He had mental issues in college where he was not a leader and got away with his talent. Unfortunately he's not talented at the pro level to do that. He can handle, he can play defense, and he's pretty strong and athletic.

However his problem will always be mental. As you can see there, he thinks he's not doing anything wrong. When guys like Avery, McHale, and Rick Adleman can't get to you, maybe there's something wrong with you. Think what you want about Avery and McHale, but they're solid enough coaches. And Rick is a top 5 coach in the league.

Doesn't matter what team he plays going on forward, if he doesn't change his attitude/twitter habits, he'll always be in someone's doghouse. Same goes for his old buddy CDR.
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