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Default Re: Are the Rockets going to trade Terrence Williams?

Originally Posted by Fiasco
Why would the Lakers be perfect for him when he DOESN'T want to come off the bench? If there's an LA team for him, it's the Clippers.
He needs a player like Kobe to yoke him up by the neck and tell him his role and what he needs to do to get minutes. T-Will's ego needs to be checked by a teammate with an ego bigger than his. That usually is how a guy learns his role in a locker room by playing with someone like that.

Someone like Kobe, KG, Pierce, etc will school him on getting his attitude together.

If he went to a team like the Clippers with playing time handed to him at SG/SF, it wouldn't fix his issues with authority. He'd play well in some games, but as soon as when Billups or Foye are getting more minutes than him it'd be the same story all over again with him thinking the coaches are not giving him a chance.
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