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Default Re: Rasheed Wallace coming back...who wants him?

We'll take him back on the Celtics. Who cares what he did on the offensive end, he always brought tough defense and the Celts are dying in need of a big man who can play some tough D. Nobody was a better one on one defensive player in the post through the 2000's decade and he was the best big help defender after Kevin Garnett. When Ben Wallace left he still anchored the Pistons to a top defensive team by himself. He's extremely underrated defensively because he played at the same time as Duncan, Garnett, and B.Wallace, but he was a great defensive player. He was probably closer to KG more than anyone. People forget what an athlete Sheed was in his younger days. He blocked shots, but was never really someone who protected the paint, but he moved so well that he could switch from player to player like KG and was a terrific help defender at his size. Him and KG were the two best at that ever probably for their size.

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