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Default Evaluating the Knicks

So heres where I feel the Knicks stand

First and foremost, we need a new coach, a new GM, and some depth. Now we are blessed to have 2 stars and it appears that is what you'll need going forward to win big from now onThat being said,we've got a lot of changes to make. It's all going to start with changing the way we do things. We've had a history of habits and it's clearly not working.

We need to get younger.Not just player wise but Front Office wise too. Look around the league,those old coaches are being replaced. Problem is, if or when we replace D'Antoni, we won't go out adn get a fresh young mind. We'll go out and try to sign the biggest name there is. Probably Phil Jackson. We'll have marginal results,he'll go his merry way, then we're right back at square one. We are doing the same thing with our pg situation. We're waiting on an old guy with back problems to save the day. One who's yet to play one minute in a Knicks jersey.

Our team has habitually littered it's roster and front office with stop gap solutions to save face.Instead of getting a good,young coach,we hire a "defensive coordinator".Instead of getting a pg,we get 2 has beens and hope we can revive their career.Then we get Jeremy Lin to make matters worse.Instead of getting players and staff to buy into the culture of defense, we go out noverpay one guy to solve our problems. Instead of getting in Amare's grill for not rebounding, we go and get Josh Harrelson.Instead of getting players who can play on both ends of the court, we re-sign Jeffries and lie to ourselves with this "he can guard all 5 positions" nonsense.

We never stitch our wounds.We just put Bandaids on them. In my entire life as a Knick fan, I've never seen us start out with a young core,build around it and get a coach to grow with our team.We always have this give Stella her groove back approach. We go after names and it's gotta stop.We need to go out and get a GM to construct a sound team. No more overreacting,no more stop gap temporary solutions.We need a solid backcourt.Doesn't neeed to be great. Then we need to fill our bench with players who can contribute on both ends. They don't have to be great. Just a solid, balanced mixture of vets and youth.Guys to where you know if you put them in the game,we arent going to be in an immediately disadvantage leading to a deficit.

Einstein definition of insanity " Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result". Right now,the Knicks are an insane organization.
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