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Default Re: Evaluating the Knicks

I think this Knick team is a team with good individual players but bad as a unit. Melo and Amare cannot co-exist with one another and it has to be one or the other. Both are offensive oriented players who take too many shots, now if Amare would be a dominant post prescence then that would be different but he's taking way too many jumpshots. This team has no balance.. We have 2 #1 options who are ballhogs then we have everyone else. We don't have players who can spread the floor, we don't have a decent #3 option, we don't have a player who can distribute, we don't have an offensive post presence, not enough IQ, etc. Atleast last year we had an identity with our roster despite it being less talented. Amare was the #1, Felton was the floor general so the speak, Gallo would spread the floor and drive, Fields was the hard working glue guy, Williams 3point specialist, etc.. I think Chandler is trying to be that defensive anchor(needs help), I think Fields is a hardworking player who's play is effected from the other dimwits, we need more.

Although Melo is a great player and the best on our team I still oppose that trade. We got burnt and to think we could have gotten him for free or possibly a player like CP3 or Dwight in the offseason instead is absurd. Imagine having Gallo with Mozguv and what ever else we traded..

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