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Default Re: all West Coas NBA draft prospects

Just a thought, but mught be a good idea to include first names in the future. Also, what is a "z footer"? I'm just busting your balls though.

I agree that people writing off Elias Harris is silly, dude has good NBA potential.

Some other west coast prospects:

Terrence Ross - I'm surprised you forgot this guy, I believe either he or Washington teammate Wroten will be the highest drafted prospect out of PAC-12 this year. 6'6 swingman with good length and athleticism.

Allen Crabbe - Only a sophomore, and the most talented player on a good California team. Excellent scorer at the SG position.

Mike Moser - IMO the main reason UNLV is so good this year, well that and experience. Moser is a very good rebounder and solid scorer, ideally he develops enough skill to be considered a SF rather than a tweener at 6'8.

Jorge Guttierez - PAC-12 POY candidate out of Cal, could make a solid NBA backup PG, plus having more Mexican players in the NBA would probably attract more viewership from that demographic. I've heard having Eduardo Najera increases a team's viewership by default, so anytime you can find a Mexican or Chicano player good enough, sign his ass.

Andre Roberson - Colorado's leading rebounder and shotblocker I'm pretty sure at 6'7, has great length and athleticism for a SF, but needs to bulk up a bit and develop offensive skills.

Josh Smith - UCLA big man, actually too big, needs to lose about 30 pounds, really needs to do a physical overhaul if he wants to make the NBA, but if he does he could be a useful low-post scorer in the vein of Al Jefferson.

Drew Gordon - immaturity led to his leaving/getting kicked off UCLA roster, but he is a good rebounding and shot-blocking PF with athleticism at 6'9 245, and it would seem he has become a more mature player at New Mexico.

Chace Stanback - UNLV veteran, not sure I got the spelling of the name right. He's a talented enough SF prospect at 6'7 to consider in the 2nd round.

DeWayne Dedmon - Have heard he is considered an NBA prospect. I guess that is more a statement on the lack of legit-size centers available for the NBA. Dedmon has height and length and athleticism, and it would be a heartwarming story if he made the NBA after the ridiculous religious BS his mom has put him through (nothing wrong with raising a kid well, but to not support him in his basketball career because of stupid half-baked religious beliefs?), but he would be well advised to stay in school.
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