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Default Re: Metta World Peace on the Trade Block; What can LA get for him?

Originally Posted by RazorBaLade
If we can get bynum for howard then dwil has leverage to get shipped here for gasol+TPE tho. Pipe dream though most likely. What will clips do with mo williams? Theres still some options somewhere..
You can't package a player with the Trade Exception.

Either the player has a salary under $8.9 Million or it wont work.

Mo Williams is out there but I got a feeling the Clippers wont move him to the Lakers in their bid for LA supremacy. Well, you never know.

Because it would re-unite him with Mike Brown and his salary fits under the Trade Exception, and the Clippers dont really need him

There has to be a move on that list we can pull off that brings a decent player.
Man, I've gone through so many Trade Scenarios since the Lakers got that $8.9 Million Trade Exception. It really is few options as far as an upgrade over Fisher/Blake, but there is like 10-20 PG's out there on cheap contracts who are nothing more than backups.

Some possibilities btw:

Augustin for TPE + Filler.
Gasol for Collison + something else
Reunite the brothers in memphis with Pau for Conley and something else
Gasol for Nash and Frye
Gasol and Ebanks for tony parker and filler
Gasol for calderon and barganni

Granted, some of those may be a stretch or a risk... But idk. I don't think its really down to arenas, ridnour or stick with morris. I hope it isnt, anyways.

Man you really want to dump Gasol. Yikes!
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