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Default Re: Metta World Peace on the Trade Block; What can LA get for him?

Originally Posted by Rowe
I'll bump this in the next 5-10 months.

Beasley has no long-term future in Minnesota.

There is a 50% chance Minnesota even picks up his $8 Million QO, which depends heavily on how well he finishes the season.

There is 0% chance Minnesota will sign Beasley to a long-term contract extension after this season or next season.

So why are you complaining about "2 trash picks" which equate to 1st Round Picks? Minnesota got Beasley for a future 2nd Rounder.

Listen up Beasley fan, if/when they trade Beasley they're going to get nothing back but a "trash" 1st Rd pick or he'll be a throw-in contract if they try to get Kevin Martin.

Yeah but trading him to LA for trash is different. I think Beasley would be just as big of a problem as Artest on LA btw. We already saw how trashy he is when he is on a team of players that get shots. He'd be, what, the fourth option?

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