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Default Re: Metta World Peace on the Trade Block; What can LA get for him?

Originally Posted by 824
Artest is still really good on the defensive end and he's a pretty good rebounder on offense if he doesn't try to put it back in, he really can't score at all anymore he's just completely awful when it comes to making the ball go through the hoop, don't know who would want to take him on their team though for anybody of value and he's worth keeping unless you're getting something decent, not some junk, but seriously nobody is going to trade value for him. I don't know why he got the DNP it's possible for injury/fatigue reasons or something, but he should be in the rotation he does take too many shots but it's not THAT many and like I said he can off rebound, play defense.
his defense is no longer elite, he can only guard players that bully their way to the basket but not quick players and once someone blows by him he gives up, his rebounding is okay but with gasol and bynum theres rly not much need for him plus mcbob and murph are good rebounders too. He offensive liability is just too much for the lakers to handle right now, itd be okay if he played like tony allen or someone who knows their limits but this guy thinks hes kobe V2 out there
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