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Default Re: Consensus #1 pick (according to ISH) finishes w/6 points 9 rebounds against Indiana

Originally Posted by alenleomessi
i havent watched any college ball so far.. who is better davis or drummond?
and how are sullinger and rivers doing?

Sullinger is business as usual for OSU like he did as a freshman. Score inside the paint, clean up glass. He plays tomorrow vs Indiana if you're interested.

I havent watched much of Drummond. I cant really speak on who is better. I like Anthony Davis because he can rebound his ass off and there is room for improvement there which to me is crazy. And he is probably the best shotblocker in college. You can work on him offensively but having a knack for rebounds and being a shotblocker, interior intimidator? I'm sold.

Austin Rivers made a bad decision going to Duke. He's an iso player and at Duke you're handcuffed. Maybe it'll prepare him to be a better pro? I dont know. But as far as being impressed? Nah, not what I had in mind. He shouldve went to Florida and really showcased his skills.
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