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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

I run the same drill Rake just mentioned at least once during my two practices a week. It's fun, it's great conditioning, and most importantly to me it teaches basic instinct. Scoring with an advantage is an absolute must in basketball. And understanding how to do it is something that can't be explained. You have to give kids a chance to do it, and reinforce on the fly.

I also frequently run a three man weave that falls back into a 2 on 1. The guy who gets the assist on the layup has to backpeddle into a defensive spot while the other two guys come back at him. Again, it's fast and competitive and reinforces instinct.

One drill I do to start every practice is a full court layup routine called the H drill. It's a line in each of the four corners, and two guys at the midcourt circle facing out. The two runners go from under the hoop, passes to the corner, gets it back, passes to midcourt, gets it back, and passes to bottom corner, gets it back ... layup. That last passer follows him and pulls the ball out of the net and starts follows suit. Each passer simply follows his pass to the next spot. I require 25 makes in a row from each hand, that's basically two per kid. When I'm going lighthearted, we'll do all reverses, or lobs, or try fancy passes. That stuff is always fun. But to get it competitive, we sometimes talk about one guy catching the other (the kids have never really figured out that they're all on one circuit, so for some reason one ball catching another is way more exciting than it seems like it should be to me). At the level I coach (again, middle school boys), running hard, catching on the move, good clean crisp passing, and finishing layups on the move at full speed, are legit skills to be worked on.

A couple more competitive drills.
We cut into bigs and smalls usually once a week. And one of the drills we do with our bigs after we go through the fundamentals is something I call the meat grinder. It's three on three in the paint in a triangle, high post and two low posts, and it's a freelance from them to screen for each other in the triangle. Hopefull I have two coaches with them to skip passes and enter the ball.

I also do a two line two on two fundamental set. Bigs on one line, guards on the other. We go through the whole basics of the pick and roll. Pick and pop, roll, slip, guard deek. Then the high hand off sets, that are pretty similar.
Once we go through the basics. We run it competitive, with the ball going out, and the next two guys in line following them out, and we run a quick 2 on 2 off of those principals. No pulling the ball out and dancing around, just run through sets instinctively.
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