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Default Re: It's Gonna Be a Patriots and Saints Superbowl This February

Originally Posted by imdaman99
you don't think the ravens can compete at NE? the ravens are a battle tested road warriors defensive smash mouth team. i'm not saying they are gonna do that like they did the last time they played the patriots in the playoffs...but the ravens are not afraid of playing in new england.

You can't read, nitwit. Get your panties out of a bunch and get some comprehension.

Pats are no different from Green Bay. Can't rely on their defense vs good offensive teams, no consistent running game.

Any of the three remaining teams have a great shot. Ravens have to go into NE, so that's a tough spot. But the next game, if they get there, is on a neutral field.

Nowhere do I say anything negative about the Ravens. Are you saying going into New England isn't a tough spot?

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