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Default Re: It's Gonna Be a Patriots and Saints Superbowl This February

Originally Posted by imdaman99
tough spot??? how? they own new england in new england, son. just because the overrated broncos gave up 75 pts to them does not mean the same will happen to the ravens talk about knee jerk moron, dude thinks they are unbeatable because they beat his overrated team

Home teams have lost one game this post season. Ravens were just 4-4 on the road this season, 1-1 in their last two at New England.

Home team is 7-3 in last 10 AFC Championship games.

Being on the road for anybody isn't the spot they wanrt to be in. Only a mindless homer would ignore that fact. That said, I still clearly said Ravens had a "great shot".

You have no idea who my team is.

Took New England -13.5 in last nights game and made some nice coin. You can find the pick on this site.

Nice try though.

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