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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.


This type of corky film is right up my alley. Loved the characters cept that step daughter b!tch and I guess she was meant to be flaky and unlikable.

The lead character Luke and the friendship he had with Ben Kingsley's psychiatrist character, along with the hip hop music/culture, makes the film a unique and endearing movie.

Some of the acting left a tad to be desired but I love this movie. If you enjoy 1990's NYC and hip hop, def check it out but there's some very memorable elements in it as well.

My man supplying those in need of greenage from the Ice Cream wagon is

Seriously, Ben Kingsley kills it in his role and his character takes the film from almost generic to embracing counterculture. This movie is a killer little gem that undoubtedly went overlooked. Glad I watched again
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