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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

watched Clooney's 'The Ides of March' last night. i wasn't particularly impressed, maybe a result of high expectations going in, having seen clooney discuss politics with a solid level of competence. apparently the plot was based on a play but i didn't think they really executed the highly dramatic/climactic scenes particularly well in terms of drawing in the viewer. clooney's politician character was hardly fleshed out at all, we got to see everybody and their dog drooling over his integrity and morality, and then all of a sudden he's just another piece of shit adulterer.

the dialogue was lackluster too. again considering it was based on a play they felt worthy of adapting into film, i'm surprised the lines didn't have more umph or creativity if they could have been drawn straight from the original play script.

obviously it was star-studded so that was good fun, and it definitely wasn't bad in any way. just disappointing. ryan gosling and the chick made for an absurdly attractive couple, i couldn't figure out which body i wanted to check out more during the sex scenes. i enjoyed the moral decline into corruption that gosling took. the whole "all politicians let you down at one point or another" theme is completely overdone and they didn't take it in any new directions here, but again... it wasn't terrible.

6-7 depending on how generous i'm feeling, plus i think my background in politics sorta ruined parts of it for me in terms of looking for more depth than was intended

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