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Default Re: Evaluating the Knicks

Originally Posted by franchize

What do you mean "it is what it is." How can you cry about money to spend then? We still had money when the roster was Melo,Amare and "a gutted roster." We could have amnestied Billups if need be and used the cap space on multiple solid players, not just one and a bunch of scrubs.Two players at the max doesn't kill your team financially. 3 players getting top dollar does, especially when the 3rd isn't a top player.

It was the right move. Because the strategy is to force pgs to take a paycut on this team. We have the best pg system. We have the best frontcourt and 2 scorers on this team. Pgs will be drooling for this team and it worked coz we got davis for cheap. We should not overpay for pgs and in fact force them to take a paycut coz a pgs dream is to play for dantoni.

If we didnt get chandler, we would be like miami who would only get a quality center through draft and it will take time. I dont know if they can get a center through free agency and they really didnt get one this season. Pgs are more likely to take a paycut esp for this team.

And I rather have a center than a pg coz the best frontcourt wins in this league while a 5 apg rondo is enough to win you rings. IMO centers have almost the same impact as pgs thats why boston is done after they traded perkins despite having the league leader in apg in rondo.
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