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Default Re: Evaluating the Knicks

Originally Posted by Scoooter
If we're talking drastic moves, it'd be better to trade Melo. He's individually talented, but doesn't mesh well with the concept of team ball. Moving him for a good point guard and some more pieces would make the overall team better. Something like Rondo and Allen would be awesome. Or younger. Maybe D-Will and one of the shooters they've got over there. Morrow? Hell, trade him to the Nuggets for Lawson, Koufos, and Gallo.
Trading your best player makes no sense.

Even when Melo is shooting well he does other things on the court.

The only chemistry issues are with him and Amar'e, but Amare' has chemistry with no one.

Amar'e doesn't fit with Chandler or Melo, yet Melo can run a p n r and lob to Chandler all day, and he's our assist leader so far.

Tonite was the first game Amar'e had a blocked shot the entire month.

The best move is to wait until he can build up stock, and move stat for depth.
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