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Default Re: Evaluating the Knicks

Originally Posted by Scoooter
I disagree. Melo could be yield a serious return (as it it did for the Nuggets). Getting a great point guard and pairing him up with Amar'e can produce something greater than the sum of it's parts. We saw that in PHX, and something like it last year. Melo's an ISO player, which is why, while he always get his numbers, the team isn't winning anything. When Amar'e had great games last season (with a decent point guard, not as good as the kind you could possibly get in a Melo trade), the team won games. Melo's been our best player this season, but we look like shit.

Of course, it depends on the coach. If they hire Phil Jackson or something, who's Triangle doesn't need a point guard to do much, then it's a different ball game. But we don't really have any solid pivots, so I don't know how great that would work either. Tyson Chandler can't do it.
Your missing the point.

To get a productive Amar'e, you need a solid pg, and a mobile center.

Chandler plays down low and never moves, but on the other end he is a legit anchor.

Melo, even when not scoring has been doing other things positive.

Amar'e has done nothing and there are two reasons why........

No pg, can't create on his own, doesn't defend, turnover prone, and Chandler takes up his space.

The team does not fit, but is talented enough to not take these types of loses, but the players needs to adjust, and everyone has to a degree except the one who has made absolutely no adjustment......Amar'e.
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