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Default Re: Should old Steve Nash join Knicks in summer of 2012?

It is without a doubt the best place for Nash to go. Ideally, I think that Steve wants to finish his contract out and get some closure for the suns. He would not have to feel bad about leaving to the suns, as they both need to get on with it. Nash has 2 years to try to get a title. He has the perfect combo of guys to get the ball to, melo and amare and a coach who he meshes with.

They can't trade for nash now because they'd lose shumpert.

Ideally I would like to see a nash, shumpert backcourt next year with Baron Davis and Landry fields as the back-up.
It's a nice complement of offence/ defence.

Nash davis
shumpert fields
melo ?
amare ?
chandler ?

I'm not sure who thy can get in the front court as back-ups.
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