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Default Re: *insert quarterback* won with a terrible defense.

Originally Posted by SCY
Yea, this idea that Eli hasn't had weapons in his career is total bull. Even Manningham who has struggled somewhat this season would be the #2 on a lot of teams and the #1 on a few. And Toomer/Burress/Steve Smith was at least average. Brady won SB's with much less.

Those current crop of receivers are finally stepping up. In the past his recivers would drop alot of passes and they would fall in the hands of defenders(must have been like 6 picks from dropped passes last year) Manningham has a horrible set of hands

You got to give credit to Eli for how these receivers have developed. Nicks was a 1st round pick a few years ago, manningham was a rookie a few years back, Cruz emerged out of nowhere, etc. He put up with a young WR core for a while and now they are breaking out

Eli is the 4th best QB as of now and I see him getting better despite him just turning 31, He's a late bloomer. He's my early 2012 MVP favorite
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