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Default What happened to the Black Band in music.

I would like to know what the hell has happened to the black band. Its like they never even existed before. I hope I can get some respoonse because I amde a topic on this about 8-9 months ago to no replies.

When was the last time you have heard of a black band? Hmmm ... The only current black bands with a record label is the Roots and Robrt Randolph and the Family Band they basically had to change their style up just to get a major label deal. The 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's and even the early 1990's, you had black bands playing real music like soul/funk. The last black bands to come out include Tony Tone Toni, Mint Condition and Guy and Jodeci to some exstent.

I mean, there is White and Latina bands everywhere, buts its like the blacks have given up on the concept of the band. Why do you think this is?
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