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Default Re: What happened to the Black Band in music.

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
All cyclical. Pop music is single vocalist centric right now, as it was in the 80's. There were tons of black bands in the 90's, 60's, early 70's and there will continue to be plenty more. Outside of the Temptaions, my favorites would be:

Boys To Men
H-Town (this ones going out to all the ladies)
New Edition
112 I always thought were funny
KC and Jo-Jo/Jodeci
Thin Lizzy/Living Color for rock

I see what your talking about, but I mean black BANDS as in black folk that play instruments. Some one like Parliament/Earth Wind and Fire/Cameo somebosy like that. Those are R&B groups, and while they might be crappy (B2K/Pretty Ricky) they still exist.
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