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Default Re: Modern Warfare 3

Originally Posted by CelticBaller
Final stand and dead man's hand? cmon man, stop spreading that shit around.
Honestly, I still haven't had a chance to use that yet.. Not even once. 6 deaths would be rather difficult though with the type 95 extra cheese.

Btw, you do know that blashshield protects you from that, right?

Originally Posted by GOBB
And he bashes people that cheeses hard ontop of that.
I wasn't really bashing anyone.. Everyone cheeses, including me (at times).. hell, look at the titles of my first two classes.

How do I copy the same stuff he did? Print screen and then go from there? and login/ link your account (if you haven't already).. then go to Career > MW3 Playercard

edit: use a simple paint application and paste after you printscreen.

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