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Default Re: Billy Cundiff or Kyle Williams?

Both are bad, but a kicker missing a FG at a crucial point of the game is understandable. 31 yard is a chip shot for most professionals but I would assume kicking a field goal is much tougher than catching a punt. A punt returner not clearing the area when the ball bounces like that shows poor decision making. I remember doing scater drills as a freshman in high school. That's football 101 I would think? The risk of even fielding that punt completely outweighs the reward. A completely asinine mistake.

The 2nd fumble by Kyle Williams happens. He was trying to make up for his mistakes and a player caught him from behind and he fumbled it. Is it forgiven? no but it happens.

The first fumble really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Professionals should not make that mistake.
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