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Default Re: Game Thread and Discussion for the AFC and NFC Championship Game

who said NYG didn't deserve to win this game?

They absolutely deserved to win the game. Their offense moved the chains and was a obvious threat, meanwhile SF's offense aside from 2 plays did nothing much all afternoon. Sure Kyle Williams choked not once but twice and SF likely wins without the first choke (ahead 17-14 and getting ball) but NYG did enough to deserve the win. I also think NYG is the favorite to win the Super Bowl. Frustrating as a SF fan that we couldn't complete a higher percentage of our passes and move the ball better and more consistently, I know NYG defense and front is really good but I still felt like some throws were missed and we didn't scheme well enough. In the end NYG gives NE a bigger and better threat that SF's one way style of play.

Kyle Williams
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