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Default Re: biggest overachieving and underachieving teams this year

Biggest overachievers:
1. Colts: They won 2 games, holy shit.
2. Browns: Easily have the worst roster in the NFL but still find ways to win.
3. Eagles: They won 8 games with the most incompetent coaching staff in the NFL.

1. Broncos: They have the second coming of Jesus but they only won a single playoff game? Guess it just shows God doesn't like rapists, Ben Roethlisberger.

2. Dallas Cowboys: Team has the #1 QB of all time*, #1 RB of all time*, #1 FB, of all time*, #1, #2, #4 WRs of all time*, #1 TE of all time*, #1 LT of all time*, #1 LG of this decade8, #1 C of all time*, best RG and RT in the NFL today*, the most ferocious defense ever seen* on this green earth but the best they could do is muster an 8-8 season?

3. Packers: Good to see them go deep into the playoffs.

* denotes observations by primetime/p tiddy/playmaker/whatever his name is these days since he is too self conscience to claim his 190k in posts on this website.
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