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Default Re: NBA 2k12 very flawed compared to FIFA 12

Lack of online sliders is an issue. Offline you can adjust, tinker with them to give yourself a realistic gameplay vs the cpu. Online? Not so much. I'm in an Online Association league. It was ridiculous how the cpu made everything. Sometimes people say that and exagerrate. I played the Pacers. They shot 74% at halftime, and 69% as a team at games end. I'm not a bad defensive player where the reason they shot this high is due to them being open. Dahntay f*cking Jones was 6-6 on the night, 3-3 from downtown. He even had a 3 ALBALLER spoke on. Shotclock winding down, my hands are up (I use shotstick to put them up rather than block in this situation) and in my face WITH a back pedal? No, just no. Luck? Every dog has its day? Yeah ok. I get a comfortable double digit lead on the cpu. And its inevitable that they come back. I'm not making the cpu out to be this unbeatable thing. Just saying I personally like to play sports games with a realistic feel to it. I dont get that with online play vs cpu.

This includes My Player.

I agree with ace, I have a feeling 2k13 will push this "We give you the ability to change sliders online guys" thing. I hope 2k13 fixes the issues of 2k12. I hope they put modes that were in 2k11, not in 2k12 BACK in 2k13. I hope the DLC thing was a one time thing due to lockout. Please do not go the way of EA.

My criticism of 2k12 is based on the fact it was sold the best bball game ever. Its not so much to say the game is crap or whatever. Just the fact I was told by 2k, by game reviewers how fantastic and 2 steps above 2k11 it was and its not. So I'm speaking on some of the not. I still have fun with the game vs people. But there are things that need to be fixed.
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