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Default Re: Michael Jordan's oldest leaves Central Florida

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
The phrase "street hunger" is one of the stupidest things ever, but this is one of the handful of scenarios I really think it would've come in useful.

I agree 'street hunger" is stupid especially when Upper middle class kids or wealthy kids(top 1%) like Kobe Bryant, Grant Hill, Ken Norton, Jr, Ken Griffey Jr, Mark Ingram,Pat Ewing Jr, etc..(off the top of my head) and even Laila Ali dind't need to get her pretty face bashed. There are many more upper middle class to wealthy kids I can't think of off hand ,but street hunger isn't the issue.

Peyton Manning (who's played with a broken jaw) and Eli Manning ,like Kobe ,are more successful than their Upper Middle class or wealthy fathers.

The 1 percenters are under represented in Sports simply because they are under represented (numerically speaking) in society not lack of "street hunger"

"Street hunger" is not these kids problem.

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