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Default Re: Michael Jordan's oldest leaves Central Florida

Originally Posted by Rowe
I agree with the other dude in that Jeff lacked street hunger. Everything handed to him, and he doesn't have that drive that other players have to constantly prove themselves against "better players" because they're not scared of a challenge.

If MJ were 6'1 he doesn't make it either.

What about Mike Conley Jr or Kobe Bryant? Peyton or Eli Manning even more successful than pops Archie?

Ken Norton Jr, Ken Griffey Jr, Grant Hill, Mark (?) Ingram(Heisman winner), Pat Ewing jr,etc.......

What if the kid simply didn't have it? What about the millions of poor kids with physical talent that don't make it?

You guys over analyze non existent shit.

Barry Bonds(Bobby) never seemed to lack street hunger.

Moises Alou(Felipe)

Brett Hull(Bobby)

Brent Barry(rick)

Corey Spinks although Leon Spinks(great amateur Olympic medalist/ undisputed HW champ) had financial issues I doubt if Corey was some poor street kid.

Marvis Frazier(Joe) Don't laugh. Marvis was a national Golden Gloves & AAU champ in 79/80(56-2 record). Beat Tim Witherspoon

As a pro Marvis had quality wins over Bonecrusher Smith, James Tillis, Bernard Benton and tougn Cuban Jose Ribalta. No shame in not being Joe(who ruined his kids career by trying make him a brawler when he was a Spinks type Boxer) nor being in Larry Holmes/ Tysons class

These people are the famous well to do kids ,but there are certainly more I will look up.

Stephen Curry(Dell)

Austin Rivers(Doc)

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