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Default Re: Anyone work(ed) night shift?

Originally Posted by DropStep
Im a cashier at Walmart 10-7. I usually try to go to sleep around 2 pm and wake up around 8 pm. My job isnt really taxing physically, but I stand on my feet for 8 hours and talk to old women at 4 am. They are literally no girls my age(just turned 20) shopping at walmart late at night.

I work out for half an hour and try to shower before i go to sleep. I try not to a big meal at lunch during work. Because I know my body is accustomed to eating at a day time schedule. You will get accustomed pretty fast just make sure to retain your eating amounts.Alot of my coworkers are fat because of the night shift.

How come you don't go to sleep right when you get home or at least do it earlier so u get adequate sleep?
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