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Default Re: The Dynamic Duo of DJ and Kemba

Originally Posted by liverpooty
He had a terrible 3 minute sequence vs Amare in the first quarter. one possession Amare backed him down, basically threw Biyombo to the ground and drew the foul making Biyombo look foolish. Biyombo then went down the court on the offensive end, started backing Amare down, and picked UP his dribble, held it, then started dribbling again to get called for a double dribble as if he was a 3rd grader. He goes back down the court on defense, and Amare nails a 15 footer in his eye. He got pulled after that.

That's a 19 year old rookie going against an all-star. I understand sitting him for a stretch but then put him back out there. What is there to lose?
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