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Default Has T Mac surpassed Kobe defensively?

I remember that when we argued between Kobe and T Mac that people who were in Kobe's favor have always mentioned defense as his big strength over T Mac.
However, now that the tables have turned and T Mac is on a defensive team and Kobe isn't, what do you guys think?

Honestly, ability wise they're pretty close but I"ll give my vote to T Mac right now because I hate the Lakers defense and love the Rockets defense.

Here's my reasoning.

1. They have both lost a step but T Mac has more to compromise.
He has great length and he's much taller than Kobe with pretty much the same quickness. He's now using his tools much better than befoe.

2. JVG has definitely lit a fire under T Mac's ass and T Mac is now playing defense whereas Kobe almost thinks that "hey, it's not like I"ll make any impact so why even bother"

3. Rockets team defense is a thing of beauty. Battier is a great defender. They have 2 anchors in Yao and Deke. They have tough players at other positions. JVG preaches defense. Lakers OTOH just suck.
T Mac plays a better defense than Kobe IMO.

What do you guys thnk?With Kobe losing some quickness and T Mac improving, do you think it's close or can we even say that T Mac has surpassed him?
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