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Default Re: Need to lose weight

Originally Posted by Heilige
What I mean is, when I first start out on the diet and change my eating habits will I always feel sluggish or will that feeling eventually go away?

Also, when you lost your freshman 15, what foods did you eat?

well maybe I am being vague. sluggish not as in you are very tired and can't do anything. but rather, once you get that growling stomach, you'll think about eating, even though you know you shouldn't, so you keep thinking about it, and after a while you just don't feel like doing any activities at all.

and I actually went vegetarian for a month to curb my appetite. but without a protein source (i never seriously considered tofu) i went back to meats.

but your first step should be to cut out these things:

cut out soda. cut out non juice "drinks."

cut out candies, sweets.

cut out junk food.

cut out ice cream.

cut out fried foods.

cut out fast food.

that should make a big difference right away.
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