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Default Re: Need to lose weight

Originally Posted by Heilige
I can't seem to find any low sodium turkey/luncheon meat. Do they have it with the regular luncheon meat? I'll look harder next time i go to the grocery store.

Also, when you were losing weight did you do any exercise or just changed your eating habits?

you must do both. doing one or the other does work but it is VERY slow.

what do you have to lose by doing both?

I suggest calculating how many calories your body needs, then eat foods for only what you know the nutritional content is, then ration what you eat according to these vital factors:


the Cholesterol is just a health indicator, does not directly pertain to weight loss. usually the lower cholesterol is has, the less other bad stuff it has.

find the daily nutritional values for each, and try to eat ~75% of the DV each day. and if you eat less, that's a victory.

and start getting acquainted with fruit. empty calories with energy carbs to help you exercise.

but also do not get the fat content too high.

then exercise aerobically. run on a treadmill, play full court basketball. swim. do anything that gets the heart pumping continuously, gets you sweating and gets you panting as well.

and chew gum. chewing gum curbs appetite.
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