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Default Re: How many of you DIDN'T like Jordan?

Originally Posted by Lakerfan1-Iceland
Yeah most reasonable people should think that but somehow SO many people i thought were reasonable actually think of him as some sort of God, i guess the media created a lot of it.
Mike was a great player no doupt about that but he wasnt perfect and mentioning someone in the same breath is not something that is wrong, Mike set a standard, a bar if you will and people are gonna be compared to him allways weather they like it or not.
Is it a high standard hell yeah, do many if any life up to it? Hardly.
But saying someone is better than Jordan at a certain points of the game is not wrong to do, cause he wasnt perfect and he wasnt best at EVERYTHING.

But generally i dont agree with comparing players of diffirent times and eras together unless it is just for fun, specially when the players dont even play the same position on a team.

Never, not yet, there is no one who can live up to being compared with Jordan right now. Adn it's a shame because for guys like Lebron, or Kobe, who are tagged as the Second Coming it's a bar that if they don't reach they fail. The media makes them out to be dissapointments because they're not Mike.
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