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Default Re: Has T Mac surpassed Kobe defensively?

i like tmac on the ball right now, especially against 3s, and i love the tight defensive rotations that jvg institutes. i'm not a huge fan of him fighting through screens or chasing guys off the ball, but given the rocket's trap and recover p/r mentality that might not be his fault.

kobe is a good defender, but i didn't see any of his games during that big offensive tear, so i don't know if he was taking games off at the defensive end. i wouldn't be surprised given how many shots he was getting up.

i'm not ready to definitively cede the superior defender title to tmac, but he definitely looks a lot better now that he's giving the great effort in jvg's system and has the shotblockers behind him. kind of like when kobe had shaq back there actually.
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